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photoblog image 4-inch eyes
So the shoes arent mine but I seen them on a fashion blog and I loves me some. cute much? yep I agree. They're all I see right now.
vintage from Australia 9 Jun 2009, 01:45
Great portrait
Issy: thank you vintage

Artizani from United Kingdom 9 Jun 2009, 03:10
How did you manage to fit the spectacle on. cos I dont see any support on the ear. is it a stick on shade cos it doesn't seem to have any handle resting on the subject's ear. Good use of colour. Not so sure about the contrast and the skin tone. Nice poster concept !!!
Issy: thanx artizani. the handle was broken but the other ear still had a handle for support. So what could I have done differently with the contrast and skin tone?

sk from United Kingdom 9 Jun 2009, 12:42
crazy mad colours............... cool
Issy: thanx asiko. tryna be like you.

fotografa from London 9 Jun 2009, 20:20
Yeah crazy mad colours and cool concept that could pass off as pop art or something for a fashion shoot. But!! ur PP is way off. The dark patch around her chin and face means that u’ve pushed ur contrast levels way too far. Also evident is uneven skin tone on her forehead.

Usually difficult to pass comments on images like this that are best described as “out of the box”. So top marks for concept, but let down by your PP.
Issy: thanx fotografa. did I mention I was new to this? so that means I have no idea what PP is, googled it and I find it's either 'post-processing' or 'photoshop'. So I'ld take it to mean both. There's loads'a room for improvement so I know now to ease up on the contrast. The uneven skin tone on forehead is a birthmark. Didn't think it necessary to take that out, although now that you mention it, it does look like uneven skin tone.

Zebigleb from France 9 Jun 2009, 23:10
Very clever shot ! Thumbs up !
Issy: thanx zebigleb

latest comment
Felix Alaita from Nigeria 10 Jun 2009, 11:08
Interesting picture! really cool.
Issy: thanx felix

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camera DSLR-A300
exposure mode shutter priority
shutterspeed 1/60s
aperture f/5.6
sensitivity ISO400
focal length 28.0mm
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